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social media marketing

  • Social Media Marketing

    Social Media Marketing

    Social Media Marketingis intensifying in popularity as you probably have already noticed. However, I'm still finding that many owners are having a hard time justifying the effort, time and money necessary to conduct good return on their investment. Some still don't see a perceived value for all the labor that is involved. Although, if a business ignores or does not take claim of their many 3rd-party online social commentary, then people may make false claims, derogatory statements, and overall criticize your company which, in turn, leads to bad publicity and may tarnish the brand or company forever. Social media cannot be ignored. It must be tended to. New potential customers may not engage with your brand or company if they suspect any of these claims or statements to be true. Someone needs to dispel, acknowledge, and justify any claims whether they are true of false. This, in part, is called managing your online reputation.