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Is it time for you to upgrade and rebuild your website? Was it built in the 1980's and is it neon green? Is it wrinkly? If you answered yes to any of these questions then it probably means it's time.

You'd be surprised how much damage having an outdated website can do. If you're website doesn't look relevant and of this time, many people are going to feel it is safe to assume your business isn't either. The point in having a website is that it works for you and brings in customers. But, and you'll see us say this a lot, your website is a client's first impression and you wouldn't wear a cut off t-shirt and jeans to an interview would you?

Take for example one major issue of older websites. Monitor sizes. They just keep growing and growing. I won't bore you about aspect ratios and pixels but, wait actually check this out:

"The resolution for computer monitors has increased over time. From 320x200 during the early 1980s, to 800x600 during the late 1990s. Since 2009, the most commonly sold resolution for computer monitors is 1920x1080.[11]Top-end consumer products are limited to 2560x1600 at 30 in (76 cm).[12] Apple introduced 2880x1800 with Retina MacBook Pro at 15 in (38 cm) on June 12, 2012." (wikipedia)

That means if your website is old it probably takes up about a third of someone's computer screen and that just looks silly.

And that's just one of many problems. Older websites are a lot more time consuming to edit and that means they are not cost effective. Today content management systems make changing content a walk in the park which means it will be inexpensive for you. Again, your website is supposed to work for you but if you're feeding it all your coins that all gets flipped. Tails you lose.

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