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59 Main Street - Suite 345, West Orange, NJ 07052

Internet Security involves defending yourself and your computer against malicious attacks from malware such as spyware, virus, Trojans, adware, autodialers, rootkits, keyloggers, worms, hacker attacks, Phishing, ID Fraud (Identity Fraud), Identity theft, and Spam can range from a noticeable difference in your PC Computer's performance (i.e., very slow speed, slowness, sluggish, etc.) to bizarre, odd, or unusual behavior demonstrated by your computer that can't be explained. If you have been seeing an unusual number of pop-up ads, or your internet connection appears to have slowed down recently, you may have what is commonly referred to as "Malware." This terms refers to a wide range of software that is designed to do malicious things to your computer. Ad-ware is designed to add advertising or marketing message pop-ups to your system in an attempt to lure you to a 3rd party web site and sell you things. Spyware is designed to send private, confidential, or personally tracking information about you or your PC computer back to a 3rd party or the developer of the software.

Techdesigno has expert technicians available who can identify Internet security breaches of your Windows or Mac PC computer. We can either visit you in your home or office to handle the removal onsite, or you can bring your system in to our office.

Our customers have come to know us as a reliable source of dependable technicians and technical experts that you can trust and we are just a phone call or email away. We support all of your Onsite PC and Mac computer repair and IT-related needs. We will even contact outside vendors when needed and thus, giving you a single point of contact to resolve most any technical needs or issues that may arise.

Onsite Internet Security Services

  • Onsite Internet Security Technical Support
  • Onsite Internet Security & Troubleshooting
  • Onsite Internet Security Software Setup & Installation
  • Onsite Internet Security Training & Tutoring
  • Cable & Wire Drops & Run Installations
  • Computer System Security Testing
  • Onsite Internet Security Wireless Networking
  • Hardware Upgrades & Installation
  • Software Upgrades & Installation
  • Operating System Updates
  • Anti-Virus Installation & Removal
  • Anti-Spyware Installation & Removal
  • Motherboard & Logic Board Replacement
  • Memory & RAM Chip Upgrades

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