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59 Main Street - Suite 345, West Orange, NJ 07052

We provide Internet/ISP Installation & Repair services for in-warranty and out-of-warranty service for both residential and business customers. We provide wireless networking installations, upgrades, repairs, virus removal, spyware removal, software installation, everything your PC Computer may need. Our customers have come to know us as a reliable source of dependable technicians and technical experts that you can trust and we are just a phone call or email away. We support all of your PC/Mac computer repair and IT-related needs. We will even contact with outside vendors when needed and thus, giving you a single point of contact to resolve most any technical needs or issues that may arise.

Our Service includes help with setup, troubleshooting, maintenance, training, computer repair, and cross-platform (Mac, PC, Unix, Linux, etc.) across a wide variety of systems. Repair services can be conducted onsite, in your home or at your business location.Our technicians can assist you with PC computer repair and support services including any hardware and software problems you may have for Windows XP Pro, Windows Vista, Intel-based Mac's, Mac OS X, OS 9.x, and previous Mac & Windows operating system versions.

Techdesigno has expert technicians available who can provide Internet/ISP Installation & Repair services. We can either visit you in your home or office to handle the removal onsite, or you can bring your system in to our office.

Onsite Internet Security Services

  • Internet/ISP Installation & Repair Technical Support
  • Internet/ISP Installation & Repair Computer Troubleshooting
  • Internet/ISP Software Setup & Installation
  • Internet/ISP Installation & Repair Training & Tutoring
  • Cable & Wire Drops & Run Installations
  • Computer System Security Testing
  • Internet/ISP Installation & Repair of Wireless Networking
  • Hardware Upgrades & Installation
  • Software Upgrades & Installation
  • Operating System Updates
  • Anti-Virus Installation & Removal
  • Anti-Spyware Installation & Removal
  • Motherboard & Logic Board Replacement
  • Memory & RAM Chip Upgrades

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