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59 Main Street - Suite 345, West Orange, NJ 07052

I’m Rodrigo Flores, I'm the Senior Web Designer & HTML Coder here at Techdesigno. I attended Essex Community College before I started as an intern here, which eventually landed me a position as a full-time graphic designer. My interest in digital art and design sparked when I took a photo editing crash course lesson. I was taught the very basics of Adobe Photoshop and how to touch-up and alter photos. I knew then that learning more about photo editing, video editing, and graphic design is what I wanted to pursue. Since then, I’m mostly self-taught, using anything I could find online to advance my knowledge on overall design and the use of Adobe Suite of Applications. It was during this time that I discovered that there’s a million ways to do something, so you can follow your own path and still achieve great results. I applied that design lesson to real life when I joined Techdesigno. I’m constantly learning and evolving in the areas of design and the graphical user interface (GUI) with every project that each new client brings. Whether it’s designing your new website, to business cards, to managing your business’ online presence. I can help brand your business and boost traffic to your website.