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Terreassa SpannMy name is Terreassa Spann and I’m an intern here at TechDesigno. I attend Bloomfield College and am currently in my junior year studying animation. Interning here really has given me the opportunity to work in things that I haven’t done before, but always wanted to do. Now that I was given that chance, and the experience, I really see myself working in this line of work. Being here has been nothing short of a learning experience and I am very happy with that.

My interest in digital art sparked when I was in middle school. I loved the thought of escaping to far off lands with companions of all kinds to aid me in my journey through life, and watching all the cartoons that I was looking at the time, was what gave me that idea. Then one day, while speaking about this to my family, someone said “Hey Terreassa, why don’t you make cartoons? You love them so much I'd love to see what you will come up with” and ever since I started my adventure, with companions of my own, to achieve the goal of making my very own professional cartoon developed for television.

In my spare time, what I like to do, other than to draw, are quite a few things actually. These include: painting, sewing, jewelry making, crocheting, dancing, attending conventions, gardening, and writing. My friends and I are currently and collectively writing a story called “Solus City” where we each take turns writing, and is currently the biggest on-going project that I am apart of. I hope to animate the story with a team in the future.