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Livingston, NJ Businesses in Essex County, NJ Area are Making Life Easier with an ADA Accessible Website Design

ada compliant website blog v2By now we all are far too familiar with online learning, online working, and online shopping. With all that screen time, website accessibility, making your website easy to navigate and to get things done,
is a hot and highly litigious topic. Knowing what you can do to make sure your business website complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act is one of the best business decisions you can make in 2021.

Most people are familiar with ADA, but some don’t know that their non-compliant website can be exposing them to the risk of lawsuits. Compliance is achieved through website accessibility, also called responsive design, removing barriers to digital access for those who are differently abled. Yet unfortunately most of the internet is still not accessible to the 61 million American internet users with disabilities.

Being inaccessible is when someone without sight or limited vision is not able to see images on your website and you do not provide alternative text describing the images. It is inaccessible or poor web design if someone with motor disabilities or weak muscles only uses a keyboard (without a mouse) to surf the web and your website does not allow navigation without a mouse. These common place scenarios are placing hundreds of businesses at risk every day.

At Techdesigno we have seen a sharp increase in calls from businesses small, large and in between asking us how to make their websites fully accessible and compliant before they are challenged with a lawsuit. The good news is that Techdesigno has partnered with the accessibility experts at accessiBe to bring our clients a tool to achieve full ADA compliance within 48 hours.

AccessiBe, trusted to protect over 100,000 websites worldwide, is a plug and play script that will display a special controller on your website that provides 24/7 automatic maintenance. AccessiBe by far offers most simple, automated and affordable solution that we have found. We love accessiBe so much we have it installed here on our own website. Look for the AB icon in the lower right corner and see it in action. You can set up your preferences for the optimized custom viewing solution that appeals most to you and your needs.

With accessiBe your website visitor can customize their experience by changing the font style, font size, or the background contrast. They can designate a screen reader to hear accurate and relevant image descriptions on pictures, icons or buttons. It’s a great approach to breaking down the barriers and opening doors for your business. Website accessibility makes online life easier for everyone and benefits all.

The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has force us to spend more time online. Working from home once the exception, is now the norm. Now more than ever, web accessibility is a vital social issue. We know for a fact that you can attract and keep more customers on your website pages by making your website accessible. And that makes the best business sense of all.

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