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Livingston, NJ Business Networking Group Uses SEO & Online Marketing for Success

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Livingston, NJ 07039 – It’s agreed by many today that web sites, online marketing, SEO and using Social Media are all very important activities for success in business today. For companies, organizations, and business networking groups to prosper and grow today it is crucial to conduct Online Marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) activities on an ongoing basis. This is primarily important so your organization may be found in Google’s Search Engine and satisfy Google’s PageRanking algorithm especially in Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP). These online marketing activities are of great importance to flourish in our current business environment.

Here are some digital online marketing activities that may considered to increase online marketing and sales:

1)   Local SEO Search Marketing
2)   SEO – Search Engine Optimization
3)   SEM or Pay Per Click (PPC)
4) & Video Marketing
5)   Content Marketing
6)   Google Analytics
7)   Google Adwords
8)   Google Business Profile (GBP)

9)   Link Building
10) On-site and Off-site SEO
11) Social Media Marketing
12) Organic Search Engine Ranking
13) Digital Marketing
14) Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Maps, Yelp marketing
15) Email Marketing, Email Bulletins, Email Messaging
16) ESP – Email Service Provider – e.g. ConstantContact, Mailchimp.
17) SMS Text Messaging
18) Youtube Marketing
19) Review Marketing (Testimonials and 5-Star Reviews)
20) Writing articles, stories, and Instructional documentation for Blogs
21) Reputation Management

As you can see whether your business is located in Livingston, NJ or in Essex County, NJ area, there are many different communications and media channels that an organization may consider using for Online Marketing purposes. Short of doing all of these, it may be difficult to choose. In addition, these marketing activities on this list can become very costly. So, It begs the question how do you know which online marketing activities to invest your organizations’ time, money, and energy. And, which marketing activities would yield the best return on investment.

Keep in mind that a number of online marketing specialists will recommend only a certain media mix of online marketing activities and not necessarily doing all of them.  Some online marketing activities work better than others for certain business sectors or industries. So, it would behoove a business to get some expert advice on what direction to take in the world of online marketing choices would be and which marketing media mix to fully engage in for a business. These decisions are vital to the success of a business because how one rolls out and embarks on a particular media mix and marketing campaign is paramount.

Marketing specialists know to follow the “4 C’s” of Marketing. These 4 C’s pertain and apply to both online and offline marketing. Offline marketing is usually referred to traditional or print marketing. In other words, Offline marketing is not digital or on the web. These include Consumer, Cost, Convenience, and Communication. Consumer relates to the concern of focusing on what the consumer needs. Cost relates to the concern what is the perceived cost to value to the customer. Convenience relates to the concern of making the product or service easy to buy. This includes using payment methods that are popular and adopted by your marketplace. And, finally, Communication relates to the concern of conducting fluid communications through media channels that are established with the customer and is the customers’ preferred choice of communication. This includes listening to the gripes, criticism, and suggestions made by the customer. This is important for the purpose of addressing ways to improve based on customer feedback.

To know more about what you can do to help your business increase awareness and gain more customers, contact Techdesigno in West Orange, NJ at 973-736-7973 or email us. We service Livingston, NJ in Essex County and New Jersey:

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