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Why You Should Embrace Social Media And Why It Is Important To Raising Brand Awareness For Your NJ Business

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When it comes to Social Media, everyone who has a mobile phone has used some form of it. Whether its sharing Photos via Instagram to sharing Video on YouTube, the vast majority of people have used a form of Social Media to connect with others and stay in contact with each other. So why is this important to your business? This is important because most people like to spend some of their free time on social media. This means that when they’re online, you have an opportunity to grab their attention. Given the advancement of technology, most people carry what is essentially a portable computer. This means that when individuals have a few moments to spare, they usually take out their portable device and begin to browse the web. Social Media is a powerful tool for businesses to utilize as it can bring awareness to your brand.

When you browse any social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram, haven’t you noticed that there are a number of businesses that post content that is entertaining or educational? That is because those businesses know that people love to view entertainment during their downtime. They don’t want to see companies constantly trying to shove things in their face to try and sell stuff. Individuals like to watch interesting videos or photos that are out of the ordinary. 

So, now that we have established why Social Media is important for your business. Lets list some of the best types of posts that can help you raise brand awareness:

  1. Instructional Posts & Videos
  2. Comical Photos
  3. Whimsical GIFs
  4. Contests
  5. Giveaways
  6. Remarketing Campaigns
  7. Social Advertising

When it comes to Giveaways, people love free stuff. That feeling of possibly being that one lucky winner is something that a lot of us would love to be a part of. That is why Giveaways are a very effective way to gain awareness for your brand. Not only will individuals share your giveaway to others, you can also take advantage of what the Giveaway criteria is. This means that you can have individuals complete certain tasks in order to be eligible to participate. Some of those tasks that you can have individuals complete are:

  1. Signing up for your eNewsletter
  2. Signing up for your SMS Text Marketing
  3. Following your other Social Media Channels
  4. Sharing your Giveaway to their Social Networks
  5. Visiting your Website

This is perfect for getting the word out and racking in lots of potential new customers who otherwise didn’t know about your business. This is what makes Giveaways a potentially powerful Social Media tool. This is a fast way to get the word out about your business and raise brand awareness.

Raising Brand Awareness is just as it sounds, getting the word out about your business. What good does it make when you have business and nobody knows you exist? That is why Brand Awareness is so important in this day and age. There are so many companies fighting for attention that there needs to be a viable strategy that businesses can use to make the most out of their Social Media efforts. The key to raising brand awareness is making sure to identify your target audience and basing your efforts around that. Your business needs to expand to the right people. If your business’s primary audience is individuals between the ages of 16 and 35, then what good is targeting people around the age of 50? Gauge your audience, cultivate a plan, execute your ideas, and review your results. This is what makes Brand Awareness effective.

Individuals like viewing stuff that is out of the ordinary, entertaining, informative or engaging. They also like getting free stuff if possible. That is why your business needs to stand out among the crowd. When people feel like they aren’t being constantly being harassed into purchasing something, they tend to remain subscribed to your Social Media Channels. When your business on Social Media has more personality it tends to attract more followers. Individuals do not like standard corporate posts that seem lifeless. When someone hops on Social Media, they are there to just pass the time and stay entertained. If your business can manage to grab their attention, then you are making the right Social Media decisions.

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