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Andrew Arce, of Techdesigno, Receives Google’s Certification for Digital Online Marketing

Andrew Arce of Techdesigno Receives Google’s Certification for Digital Online Marketing Image

Andrew Arce of Techdesigno’s Digital Web Design & Online Marketing Agency also recently completed Google’s Digital Marketing Certification Program. This certification trains and educates individuals to advance further the understanding and capabilities of supporting online publicity, promotions, and marketing to West Orange and Essex County local businesses. It teaches the importance of an online presence. You want customers to know you exist. That is why Google’s Digital Marketing Certification is so powerful. It educates in many facets of Online Marketing.

Google’s Digital Online Marketing Certification teaches about the following learning points:

1)      How To Best Utilize Social Media Platforms

2)      How To Do Digital Marketing

3)      How To Develop An Online Presence

4)      How To Raise Brand Awareness

5)      How To Make Your Business Searchable

6)      How To Effectively Advertise

The points are important to helping your business grow. That’s why there’s an importance in knowing how to perform these activities. These activities help to attract visitors, engage them by encouraging purchases and achieve customer loyalty. Knowing how to utilize these activities is why Andrew took part in this Certification course. This knowledge will help both existing and new clients alike. Additional tools that are equally important are the way to monitor and evaluate the success of any online marketing activities being done. These include using Google Analytics, capturing metrics, online stores, market research, meeting goals, and achieving high sales performance.

Once Andrew received guidance from John to try this Google Certification Program, he jumped at the opportunity to learn something new. When it comes to digital online marketing, the landscape is constantly evolving. There’s always something new to learn. In some ways, that’s what makes this profession exciting. As we live our lives it is very important to keep our minds active. That’s why Andrew took this opportunity to learn something new. He saw the value in potentially learning something new. Andrew already knew a fair amount about how Online Digital Marketing works, but he doesn’t know absolutely everything. That’s why John encouraged Andrew to take the Google Certification Program Course. The information gained from this course will be valuable.

To touch upon one of the learning points in Google’s Certification Program, one important point was on How To Raise Brand Awareness. Brand Awareness is a very important aspect of making sure people know your business exists. There are so many companies fighting for the spotlight. Google’s Certification Program teaches that you need to have a viable strategy that can be effective at getting the word out. The key to raising brand awareness is making sure to identify your target audience and basing your efforts around that audience. Your business needs to expand to the right people. If your business’s primary audience is individuals between the ages of 18 and 30, then what good is targeting people around the age of 50? Gauge your audience, cultivate a plan, execute your ideas, and review your results.

Another important learning point from the Google Certification Program is How To Best Utilize Social Media Platforms. Social Media is a very important tool for helping your business get recognized and gain new customers. The key to using social media is to gauge how your customers interact with your business. If you’re a restaurant, for example, you want to focus on providing photos of your food to get your audience thinking about what they may want for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. If you can successfully catch someone who was thinking about what to eat for lunch and they see a social media post of food that your business prepares, there’s a great chance they may want to order from you. That’s why gaining and maintaining a social media following & presence is important.

Andrew Arce and his teammates truly enjoy helping clients become successful online. And, for over two decades, this has been one of Techdesigno’s core values. Their commitment to their clients is to empower them and provide them with the tools to boost online performance, which ultimately will convert to more sales of products and services for your organization.

If you have a business or organization located in the Essex County, NJ area and wish to get assistance with your Marketing needs, then, Techdesigno in West Orange, NJ is here to help. The Techdesigno Team has an office in West Orange, NJ, and is available to evaluate and discuss your Marketing needs. Contact them by calling 973-736-7973 or via email. Click below to schedule an appointment to discuss your specific Marketing needs for the Essex County, NJ area.

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