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The Positive Effects of Online Digital Website Art & Social Media Imagery

The Positive Effects of Online Digital Art

Humanity has been asking the question “what is art?” since the dawn of time and each time the question has been asked, those who asked are only given reaffirmation that there is no clear cut answer to that question. What is clear, however, is how digital website art and social media imagery can be used as a tool to optimize brain functions, as well as your brain wave patterns and your nervous system. Leo Tolstoy once said "Art is a microscope which the artist fixes on the secrets of his soul, and shows to people these secrets which are common to all.” Art is much gretaer than just a drawing or a little figure someone created. Some of the mosr meaningful art pieces represent what's in front of us clearly while also expressing to us the deeper significance of the subject of the work of art. Art is an expressway through which the artist can show you what they've experienced and it translates into how you feel about the work of art. Art serves artists and spectators alike in a slew of ways. One of them being a form of therapy. Another being that it stimulates new ways of thinking. Art also helps you to remember things you associate with it. And art helps you to stay focused. There are many different ways digital website art and social media imagery can strengthen your mental health and benefit your neural system as well as your psychology. 

Digital website art and social media imagery affects you psychologically as it helps you to remember. The human mind is flawed, we’ll never remember everything no matter how hard we try. Artists and viewers, fundamentally, go through a similar process when creating and observing art. Artists often highlight the subject matter of their piece and leave out what isn’t as important, just as we tend to highlight what we know best in an attempt to remember the past and we leave out or try to make sense of what we don’t remember so well. In this regard, the work of art then transcends the medium you’re viewing it in and not only becomes an immersive experience but a way to preserve past experiences you may associate with that work of art. And in addition to that, according to a study conducted by Professor Semir Zeki, University College of London’s Neuroaesthetics chair, when people viewed art they found to be sublime, “when people viewed the art they thought was most beautiful, blood flow increased by as much as 10% to the region of the brain associated with pleasure — the equivalent to looking at a loved one.” (ACRM Journal, How The Brain is Affected By Art, American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine, 2022,,also%20occur%20by%20experiencing%20art.).

Exposure to digital website art has also been known to help people focus and help them understand themselves as well as give them hope. Whenever you look at art, you feel something. Whether the emotion is powerful or miniscule, art evokes some sort of emotion out of us all. The images, statues and figures we see can satisfy, disturb and make us question ourselves. Then you start asking yourself, why does this work of art make me feel this way? And once you take a moment to figure out why you’re reacting the way you are, you’ve just opened a new pathway of thinking and increased your knowledge of oneself. Digital website art and social media imagery can make you hopeful through the use of positive images, beautiful colors in correlation with each other, the subject matter of the work of art and its execution. For example, to quote philosopher Alain de Botton and art historian, John Armstrong when commenting on the painting: Dance (II) (Matisse, Henri, 1909, State Hermitage Museum) “The dancers in Matisse’s painting are not in denial of the troubles of this planet, but from the standpoint of our imperfect and conflicted — but ordinary — relationship with reality, we can look to their attitude for encouragement. They put us in touch with a blithe, carefree part of ourselves that can help us cope with inevitable rejections and humiliations. The picture does not suggest that all is well, any more than it suggests that women always delight in each other’s existence and bond together in mutually supportive networks.”(Popova, Maria, Art as Therapy: Alain de Botton on the 7 Psychological Functions of Art, The Marginalian, 2022,

When you view the image, you know the women dancing in the circle are surrounded by complete chaos. You can tell they ignore everything around them because all their eyes are closed yet they keep dancing freely because they have hope. Hope that whatever predicament they may be in will be over soon. Digital website art and social media imagery can do the same for us, it all depends on the subject matters that really grab and move us emotionally. De Botton and Armstrong continued to say “The more difficult our lives, the more a graceful depiction of a flower might move us. The tears — if they come — are in response not to how sad the image is, but how pretty. We should be able to enjoy an ideal image without regarding it as a false picture of how things usually are. A beautiful, though partial, vision can be all the more precious to us because we are so aware of how rarely life satisfies our desires.”(Popova, Maria, Art as Therapy: Alain de Botton on the 7 Psychological Functions of Art, The Marginalian, 2022,

As people we search for answers to the things we don’t know. What exactly is art? There is no one clear answer. But the question: “What can digital website art and social media imagery do for us?”, has many different answers. It can heal us, give us hope, It can give artists and viewers cathartic release, It can make us smarter. Digital art allows us to explore who we are and learn more about ourselves and others. Art is a powerful tool that everyone should learn to understand its advantages and the power that it reigns. And, justifiably so, because of its innate natural power, it should also be controlled and restrained from being used for evil ways to attack, offend, or to defame. Imagery can dramatically affect the emotions of humans and animals, alike. Consider using it with care and thoughtfulness.

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