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Digital Online Marketing Co. Donates to the Essex County Zoo in West Orange, NJDigital Online Marketing Company Donates to the Essex County Zoo in West Orange, NJ

The Zoological Society of NJ and The Turtle Back Zoo of Essex County celebrated their 60th year Anniversary by hosting a Gala for the public to attend.

Techdesigno of West Orange, NJ, a local Essex County Digital Online Marketing Agency, made a donation as a contribution to continue supporting the Turtle Back Zoo’s endeavors in West Orange, NJ. As part of Techdesigno's donation, along with the many other supporters, will help to contribute to the funding of activities at the Turtle Back Zoo. These funds will directly support various conservation projects, the enhancement of animal habitats, and the development of educational programs within the zoo. By investing in these areas, the Turtle Back Zoo will aim to further strengthen the zoo's impact and inspire future generations to care for the zoo's diverse habitats, animals, species and their ecosystems.

John Mitrano of Techdesigno, said, “The Essex County Turtle Back Zoo has been a cherished institution in our community for over six decades, providing educational opportunities, conservation efforts, and memorable experiences for visitors of all ages. Recognizing the vital role the zoo plays in fostering an appreciation for wildlife and promoting environmental stewardship, Techdesigno is honored to support its ongoing initiatives. We are so appreciative for all that the Zoological Society of NJ has done for our community. Not every township has a Zoo, like ours. Especially, not like The Turtle Back Zoo here in West Orange, NJ. We were so delighted to have had the opportunity to make a donation to the Essex County Zoological Society of NJ for their 60th Year Anniversary Gala."

Techdesigno received a letter of thanks for their donation and support, which stated, "We are grateful for your donation to the Essex County Turtle Back Zoo’s 60th Anniversary Gala, which took place on May 2, 2023. Thanks in part to your donation, we raised nearly $15,000 through our silent auction, which will enable us to continue our commitment towards sustaining Turtle Back Zoo. Funds raised will assist the Zoo in its construction of the Barry Ostrowsky Animal Wellness Center, which will be even more equipped than the previous animal hospital to serve the Zoo’s resident animals. This new facility will feature treatment rooms and lab space, as well as a nursery. Uniquely, the Animal Wellness Center will allow visitors to witness examinations and medical procedures as they occur and will allow us to demonstrate the high standard of care we provide to our animals. Thanks again for your donation, which demonstrates your commitment to the animals you love to visit at Turtle Back Zoo, and to their wild counterparts!”

John Mitrano of Techdesigno, said, "The Zoological Society of NJ and the Turtle Back Zoo continues to keep their commitment to environmental conservation and community engagement. We were delighted to announce our donation to this esteemed institution on this milestone and special occasion. We are thrilled to help celebrate the Zoo's 60th anniversary by giving back to the community that has been instrumental in the success for the Township of West Orange and Essex County, NJ. The local zoo is not only a cherished institution but also a vital hub for education and conservation. We firmly believe in the power of environmental awareness and the importance of protecting our wildlife. By supporting the local zoo, we hope to contribute to the preservation of biodiversity and inspire others to take action for a more sustainable future. This contribution to the Turtle Back Zoo reflects Techdesigno's ongoing commitment to corporate social responsibility, community support, and environmental sustainability. We remain dedicated to fostering positive change and creating a lasting impact on the communities we serve."

Techdesigno is a digital design agency founded in 1995 in West Orange, NJ. They specialize in helping small businesses adapt and grow their online presence. Their clients recognize them as a one-stop-shop for their design and technological needs as they offer a full range of design services for both web, print, online ordering apps, online marketing, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

As The Turtle Back Zoo celebrates its 60th anniversary, Techdesigno extends their gratitude to all the zoo employees, partners, sponsors, and customers who have all collectively contributed to their success. It is our hope that this donation will leave a lasting legacy, benefitting the local zoo and inspiring others to support initiatives that promote environmental conservation.

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