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Techdesigno Opens Up About AI's Impact On Online Marketing And Social Media 

effective online marketing strategies

When Techdesigno started in 1995, most websites were rudimentary at best. “It was very limiting when it comes to styling and design,” founder John Mitrano recalled in an exclusive interview with

John continued, “The World Wide Web, as it was commonly known back when it first became public in 1993, was still in its infancy stages. Web page designs were very crude and elementary at that time. However, I enjoyed investigating and researching technology that can help us create better designs; Not just for the beauty of a website, but for the functionality, as well.”

Nowadays, Mitrano knows that the key to a successful website is a subtle blend of aesthetics and navigational ease. He tells his students that they should know how to work “under the hood” and understand the mechanics of web design. While the physical office is located in West Orange, New Jersey, Techdesigno works with clients nationwide. Mitrano was...

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