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Is Your Site Mobile-Friendly?

Google's search development team has been busy making many updates and tweaks to the Google search algorithm since last year. This includes the mobile search compatibility algorithmic update going active on April 21, 2015. It is critically important to be sure that your business has been tested for compatibility otherwise, Google says that you may be penalized when people search using Google on their mobile devices. Visit this link to run your URL website test - This simple test which will only take a few seconds to run and will analyze your URL and report if the site has a mobile-friendly design.

Did you ever wonder how long has the idea of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) existed? SEO has been around since the popularity of search engines existed as a SAAS piece of software which can be said to be in the year 1995-1996. And, although some pundits believe that one day SEO will go away or become extinct, I don't think so. It may go away as we know it. but, it would more likely change or transform than disappear altogether.