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It's Not Enough to Have Just a Website When Marketing Online

Things are shrinking before our very eyes. Orange juice bottles, ice cream containers and toilet paper rolls. A phone book (if you still can find one around) is a mere fraction of the size it once was. How do you find a phone number now? Find a plumber? Hire a tutor? If you answered “I Google it” and your small business does not have a search engine optimized website, you may as well add your business website to the “has been” pile as well.

It was enough at one time for a business to have a website, but the volume and complexity of information with its inherent noise and distractions can prevent your potential customers from finding you. As most users access the web from a mobile device, it is exponentially important to make sure your business shows up in the very first fields of a search. To learn how to make your business info rise to the top of the results page, contact us today via this link: