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Can One-on-One Digital Marketing be Automated? ...You bet!

Digital Marketing can be Automated

Personalized One-on-One direct marketing has been touted for years as being a viable and effect marketing strategy. By personalizing your marketing your marketing message directly provides for a very relevant and powerful way to talk to your customers. Just like you would when having a one-on-one conversation with them at a social event or at the local coffee house. The problem is that it can be a very time consumer method unless you can find efficient ways of doing it. Digital marketing automation is one method that can help you stay connected to your customers without repeating or duplicating your work or marketing message.

Digital marketing automation can help you send the right message, at the right time, to the right person. Which increases the likelihood of striking the right cord and hitting the right hot-button to engage with your customer or prospect. To help with repetitive tasks their are Email Service Providers (ESP's) that have more advanced features, like an automated email series.
Automated email series is a set of pre-determined email messages that are triggered to go out to your customer on an automated schedule. This allows a Digital Marketing Manager to pre-script brief messages that increasingly provide more information with each and every email piece in a systematic and logical way. This helps to easily elevate the customer knowledge about the value of your products and services by delivering small bits of information through a time line. By increasingly more pieces of information a small bit at a time make it more palatable and acceptable. to digest. Check with your ESP to see if they support the ability to conduct an automated email series. You will be amazed at how well it works.