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Can One-on-One Digital Marketing be Automated? ...You bet!

Digital Marketing can be Automated

Personalized One-on-One direct marketing has been touted for years as being a viable and effect marketing strategy. By personalizing your marketing your marketing message directly provides for a very relevant and powerful way to talk to your customers. Just like you would when having a one-on-one conversation with them at a social event or at the local coffee house. The problem is that it can be a very time consumer method unless you can find efficient ways of doing it. Digital marketing automation is one method that can help you stay connected to your customers without repeating or duplicating your work or marketing message.

Digital marketing automation can help you send the right message, at the right time, to the right person. Which increases the likelihood of striking the right cord and hitting the right hot-button to engage with your customer or prospect. To help with repetitive tasks their are Email Service Providers (ESP's) that have more advanced features, like an automated email series.

How to execute SEO Strategies for Local Google Search Success

These are not like the “Top Ten Local SEO Ranking Factors” as may be typically found on online blogs, on articles and, the like.

Building relationships that spin-off backlinks to your website is one of the strongest signals you can develop to achieve great rankings and high positioning in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

Are Customer Reviews Important for Online Marketing Success?

Customer Reviews are important for online marketing

It is being said that online reviews, testimonials, and comments submitted by customers on any of the online digital platforms are today’s social proof of acceptance or disappointment of a company. This is the new marketing channel that can either make a company successful, or put it out of business. Because of internet technologies and related functionality, such as instant messaging, what consumers may say today can travel virtually in an instant. This has never been made so easy to do before in the history of communications. The maturing Internet and the every-evolving web has brought web sites and free or inexpensive apps, such as social media communication platforms to a place where people around the world can engage in communications locally or globally. Also, once published, through easy-to-use software and with little or no technical knowledge, makes sharing effortlessly, very easy, and the internet will never, ever, forgot once posted. Many commercial organizations, as well as consumers, have been drawn to using the most popular reviews sites such as Yahoo!, Foursquare, Yelp, Google+, Healthgrades, and Angie’s List. Online reviews, testimonials, and comments are today's greatest influencer in attracting and retaining customers for all types of businesses today. 

It's Not Enough to Have Just a Website When Marketing Online

Things are shrinking before our very eyes. Orange juice bottles, ice cream containers and toilet paper rolls. A phone book (if you still can find one around) is a mere fraction of the size it once was. How do you find a phone number now? Find a plumber? Hire a tutor? If you answered “I Google it” and your small business does not have a search engine optimized website, you may as well add your business website to the “has been” pile as well.

Social Media: Importance of having accurate, consistent, online listing on social sites and 3rd party directories

Critical information, like your accurate business name, phone number, website and physical address not only is important for all your owned media (your website, Facebook page,  LinkedIn or Twitter account) but also can help benefit your business when in a third party online directory.