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During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Techdesigno in West Orange, NJ Proudly Wears Pink


breast cancer awarenessTechdesigno in West Orange, NJ takes pause to honor breast cancer survivors, to support those currently in treatment and to remember those who lost their lives to the disease. Help the fight against breast cancer and remind all those you love and care about to schedule a mammogram. Screening tests are key to early detection as breast cancer can affect anyone, no matter who they are. Throughout the month of October.

To learn more, here are four points to ponder during breast cancer awareness month.

1. Why do we mark October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month?
In the United States we recognize October as National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM), a yearly health campaign to call attention to the importance of breast cancer screening and early detection to save lives. Since 1985, the American Cancer Society has been encouraging women to get regular mammograms.

2. Why do we wear pink for breast cancer?
Wearing pink during October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month and throughout the year is a colorful, visual reminder that helps us honor breast cancer survivors, support those in active treatment and remember the people that lost their lives to the disease. It is intended to help support the research progress that is being made to defeat breast cancer once and for all.

Online Marketing Company Explains How Getting Google Reviews Gets More Sales in Livingston, NJ

online marketingDo you live or work in Livingston, NJ in Essex County, NJ, and are wondering how online marketing companies can explain how Google reviews can help you get more sales in your local area, whether in Livingston, New Jersey, or beyond? The digital Online Marketing and SEO Specialists at Techdesigno in West Orange, NJ has helped businesses get more sales in your town of Livingston, NJ with the use of Google reviews.

Below are some tools you can use or strategies you can do to encourage customers to write Google reviews to help increase your customers and sales in the area of Livingston, NJ in the area of Essex County, NJ.

1.You can ask your customers to leave a review about how they like doing business with you. It is an interesting point that about 70 percent of your customers will leave an online review if you just ask them. Easy enough! If you would like your customers to leave you a review on your Google My Business account, you have to make sure that you ask them at the right time – and also in the right way.

Techdesigno Digital Design Agency Partners with West Orange Arts Council to Redesign Their Website

West Orange Arts Council's newly redesigned website

When the West Orange Arts Council (WOAC) wanted to redesign their website, they contacted Techdesigno, a West Orange digital design agency and online marketing company to assist them. After listening as the WOAC board explained what they were looking for, Techdesigno Owner, John Mitrano and Senior Web Designer, Rodrigo Flores, evaluated the original website’s design and proposed a new design and additional functionality that would help the WOAC further their mission.

Both John and Rodrigo were excited about the project.  John Mitrano said, “I was so pleased to hear that we were asked to redevelop the community web site for the West Orange Arts Council. They are a non-profit art organization and are doing such wonderful cultural and community art events in and around the Valley Arts District of West Orange, NJ. I especially enjoyed hearing this idea because I have always had an affinity with the creative arts field. But, more importantly, the web site requirements included the goal to consolidate a number of elements to be conducted all as backend functionality, all under one hood, so to speak. Such functionality included a members database, members signup, members payment gateway, Secure 256-bit encryption, SSL Certificate, ADA website compliant solution, Google’s online calendar, and the ConstantContact ESP email signup integration. By accomplishing all of this consolidation in one place will help save the West Orange Arts Council much money along with the cancellation of redundant services that will no longer be needed. We were happy to see this project through and bring them the results they are seeking.”

Having a Safe Passover with Family & Friends During COVID-19

Happy PassoverPassover is a time of the year to enjoy being with family and friends and also is a very special time where people come together and celebrate freedom from slavery. This year we will be more creative in the ways that we celebrate.

Here is a Passover message in the time of COVID-19 by RABBI DAVID ROSENBERG. And here is what he had to say:

“This year, Passover—like so many other aspects of human life—must shelter in place. Families who had looked forward to large gatherings with friends now expect small gatherings of immediate family members. Many will look around the table and think of loved ones who are not there. Some will be attending Seders for a party of one. How different this Passover is from other Passovers! The joy of the holiday has been reduced by the need to keep safe during a pandemic.”

“Celebrating Passover during this unprecedented time can serve to remind us that many people do not experience joy and that many are familiar with social isolation regardless of calls for staying at home. This Passover season can inspire us to reach out with a caring phone call or to connect with others in new ways that smartphones and laptops make possible.”

Livingston, NJ Businesses in Essex County, NJ Area are Making Life Easier with an ADA Accessible Website Design

ada compliant website blog v2By now we all are far too familiar with online learning, online working, and online shopping. With all that screen time, website accessibility, making your website easy to navigate and to get things done,
is a hot and highly litigious topic. Knowing what you can do to make sure your business website complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act is one of the best business decisions you can make in 2021.

Most people are familiar with ADA, but some don’t know that their non-compliant website can be exposing them to the risk of lawsuits. Compliance is achieved through website accessibility, also called responsive design, removing barriers to digital access for those who are differently abled. Yet unfortunately most of the internet is still not accessible to the 61 million American internet users with disabilities.

Being inaccessible is when someone without sight or limited vision is not able to see images on your website and you do not provide alternative text describing the images. It is inaccessible or poor web design if someone with motor disabilities or weak muscles only uses a keyboard (without a mouse) to surf the web and your website does not allow navigation without a mouse. These common place scenarios are placing hundreds of businesses at risk every day.