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Livingston, NJ Deli Gets Website Redesign From Online Marketing Agency

Contractor Business Located In West Orange NJ Gets WordPress Website Training

When Eppes Essen wanted to redesign their website, they contacted Techdesigno, a West Orange digital web design agency and online marketing company to assist them. Once we received the green light to start the project we brainstormed ideas on what the site would look like. Considering the fact that Eppes Essen was a Jewish Deli based in Livingston NJ, we envisioned an elegant website with an emphasis on a variety of foods being featured all across the site. The moment we discussed online marketing strategies for that idea, we set out to implement the new design.

One of the requests that the owner of Eppes Essen wanted us to fulfill is to keep the mobile version of the website similar to their previous website. This meant that the mobile site would navigate very similarly to a mobile application. Our aim was to abide by his request and also make improvements where applicable. One such improvement that was made is the ease of access to their Social Media channels. We designed their mobile site so that everything is easy to use and navigate. One of the important aspects of the mobile site that we wanted to keep in mind is the patrons that Eppes Essen typically serves. Since their customer base is typically on the older side, we used high-contrast colors to help those with sight difficulties.

Why You Should Embrace Social Media And Why It Is Important To Raising Brand Awareness For Your NJ Business

5 Ways to Better Manage SPAM for your Business Website located in Essex County NJ Image

When it comes to Social Media, everyone who has a mobile phone has used some form of it. Whether its sharing Photos via Instagram to sharing Video on YouTube, the vast majority of people have used a form of Social Media to connect with others and stay in contact with each other. So why is this important to your business? This is important because most people like to spend some of their free time on social media. This means that when they’re online, you have an opportunity to grab their attention. Given the advancement of technology, most people carry what is essentially a portable computer. This means that when individuals have a few moments to spare, they usually take out their portable device and begin to browse the web. Social Media is a powerful tool for businesses to utilize as it can bring awareness to your brand.

When you browse any social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram, haven’t you noticed that there are a number of businesses that post content that is entertaining or educational? That is because those businesses know that people love to view entertainment during their downtime. They don’t want to see companies constantly trying to shove things in their face to try and sell stuff. Individuals like to watch interesting videos or photos that are out of the ordinary. 

So, now that we have established why Social Media is important for your business. Lets list some of the best types of posts that can help you raise brand awareness:

Contractor Business Located In West Orange NJ Gets WordPress Website Training

Contractor Business Located In West Orange NJ Gets WordPress Website Training

When it comes to building an effective WordPress website, some important things have to be taken into consideration. One of those considerations is building a site that is relatively straightforward to make updates on. One of the worst things you could do is create a website that is convoluted and out right difficult to make substantial and meaningful updates on. WordPress provides many tools to make updating a website unchallenging. This means that when clients request access to make their own website updates, we can provide the tools, knowledge and strategies necessary to make their updates less of a headache and make their lives just a bit easier.

Clients can request WordPress training as an addition to their new site. Some benefits to updating your own site include:

5 Ways to Manage SPAM for your Business Website located in Essex County, NJ

5 Ways to Better Manage SPAM for your Business Website located in Essex County NJ Image

Behind every great business is great customer service. No matter the size of your company, big or small, you want to be able to rely on your mail services to successfully reach your clients. SMTP ensures just that, making it a core part of every business’s infrastructure.

How Does SMTP Work?

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, or SMTP, is a system that allows your business to send out bulk emails with a high level of security and credibility. This is achieved by using a custom mailing “From” name that’s linked to your domain to send and receive emails. Setting up your website with online webforms using SMTP allows for quick and seamless communication between your business and potential customers, moving them along faster on the path to becoming full-fledged clients.

What are the Benefits of SMTP?

It’s amazing how just setting up one Google Workspace or Microsoft Outlook account with SMTP has countless benefits. Here are just a few:

What is Graphic Design & is it Important for Businesses in Essex County, NJ?

What is Graphic Design and is it important for businesses in NJ?

Today graphic design is everywhere we look. Graphics are a part of our life from bulletin boards to magazines to websites and photos we look at daily. There are different types of categories for graphic design which include:

● Brand Identity

● Logo Design

● Web and mobile Design

● Layout and print design

The main purpose of Graphic design is to communicate. Visual communication is an important part of Graphic design which uses typography, images and colors which helps show certain ideas and messages. Photography, illustration, motion graphics combined together helps make designs more appealing which can also help grab the attention of the viewers and by bringing them into a business it helps with bringing more sales and opens new avenues of a business.

Graphic design started all the way back to 15,000 BC with visual communications originating within the Lascaux Caves in the South part of France. Most common Graphic Design styles that are used in most businesses today are: